The best banana hotcakes

If you are thinking in a friendly dish to start your morning and gain energy, this recipe fits perfectly with your needs, healthy and can be enjoyed with the family, workmates, so, hands to the kitchen and invite some folks to taste a good recipe


(1) Banana
(1) cup oatmeal
(2) eggs
(½) cup of fluid milk
(1) tablespoon of olive oil
(1) tablespoon of artificial sweetener
(1) spoon of vanilla
(1) pinch of salt


Remove the peel from the bananas, then place all the ingredients in a blender and liquate until get a homogeneous consistency is obtained without lumps. Into a previously heated frying pan, Poor a teaspoonful of Virgin or olive oil and place part of the mixture, then seeing that it makes bubbles and turns a bit into a fried color (goldy if is your preference)

“Healthy pancakes that can be a perfect breakfast or snacks”


Make sure to pair with your favorite natural juice and add your preferred sweet dressing, and enjoy your creation